Cherry carried out a Competitor Analysis for us recently and I was very impressed. She understood our business quickly, grasped the key motivators for the exercise very well and the end report was extremely thorough. She also made many suggestions about how we could improve our performance against our competitors which were very insightful. I would definitely recommend Skills For Sale. read more

I would definitely recommend SkillsforSale

What a fantastic service. It was nice for someone to actually listen to where we had started from and where we are today, Cherry had clearly researched our business prior to our arrival and that reflected in her knowledge of our business as we were discussing our brand. Cherry’s expertise became clear to us with the impartial advise she provided and for once it made sense.
Cherry’s advise made us realise that we were not failing but in fact we’re taking a more simple bespoke path to what we want our brand to be about. Invaluable advice and we would not hesitate in using Skills for Sale as and when our business needs it! read more

What a fantastic service!

SkillsforSale is a great idea! It enabled me to buy some marketing help without having to take on anyone permanently. The Adviser was very helpful and was able to generate some new enquiries very quickly. I definitely recommend this site to any business looking for extra help with marketing. James IH

It saved me having to employ someone permanently!

I was so pleased to see that SkillsforSale offers practical help and provides people who actually do things for you. Such a nice change from consultants who just offer advice. Although I was a bit concerned about the remote working initially, it worked a treat and it was great having a personal SkillsforSale representative to manage the whole thing. A big thank you! Sarah

Practical help, not just advice!