People and Productivity Analysis.

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The biggest overhead for most businesses is the payroll. The annual round of pay reviews comes around all too soon and the cost of employing people keeps on rising. In manufacturing, people’s productivity can be measured in terms of output, but for administrative staff or service businesses, it is much harder to identify inefficiency.
This product is about looking at the use of time by administrative and support staff, if and how time is ‘lost’ and how to introduce measurable indicators of productivity.

An experienced Business Adviser will:-

  • Identify your current strategies for evaluating people productivity.
  • Review current job descriptions and processes of communication.
  • Carry out a Time Awareness survey with administrative and support staff.
  • Summarise the data in a report.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Know how to introduce key performance indicators for administrative and support staff to measure efficiency.
  • Be aware of inefficient ways of doing things , which could be changed to save time.
  • A leaner, more efficient business.

Upon completion, additional optional coaching sessions by skype, telephone or face to face are available. If this product does not quite meet your needs, please enquire about our Bespoke service. Tel. 01373 800888.

This product will be delivered by..

An 'Experienced in the field' Business Adviser

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