Get your pricing policy right for profit today and profit tomorrow.

Includes FREE Competitor Price Norm Check.

How do you decide what to charge for your product or service?  Is there a magic formula for pricing right?  What is the real cost of getting it wrong?

Pricing is complicated.  Emotions get in the way of pricing and it is easy to get trapped into a cycle of low pricing which prevents your business from growing.  Many business owners fear that increasing prices may mean losing customers and heavy discounting can leave businesses selling products or services at less than the true cost of production.

Contrary to popular opinion, customers do not buy on price alone and the way in which you communicate value will influence how customers respond to your pricing.

This Pricing Health Check will give you the confidence to pitch your pricing at the right level, so that you achieve your target profit margins in the short and long term. The  Pricing Health Check will focus upon pricing in general and is ideal for start-up businesses and those in their first five years of trading.  The Pricing Health Check includes the free product  ‘Competitor Price Norm Check’.

The Pricing Health Check is a great start on the road to profit.  More established businesses will find a more detailed cost based analysis, looking at Which Products make you Money  a fantastic next step.  Remember too, that Cutting the Costs of overheads and materials will also help to increase your profits without increasing your spend.

When you purchase a Pricing Health Check you are potentially saving yourself a huge amount of pain, heartache and lost profit.  Buy today and start your business on the road to a healthier profit.



This product will be delivered by..

An ‘Experienced in the field’ Business Consultant

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A Business Consultant will work with you to answer questions:-

Am I charging enough?
Could I be charging more? How much more?
What pricing formula should I use?
When and how should I discount?
Am I communicating the ‘value’ of my product or service effectively?
What is the charging ‘norm’ in my industry?

Anticipated Outcomes

A pricing policy that maximises your profit.
A pricing policy that enables you to grow.
A discount strategy that works for your business.
Ideas about how you can increase the value perception of your product or business.
Knowledge of charging ‘norms’ in your industry.
This product can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Please call Cherry on 01373 800888 or 07562 191 263 to discuss tailoring this product to your business needs.

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Type of Business

Established Business, Start-Up business


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