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Product Description

Email marketing. It seems that everybody is doing it. The problem is that for small business owners it is time consuming and easy to forget about when you are busy. It is also increasingly challenging to make your email marketing stand out amid the many emails that flood most people’s inboxes every day.
Email marketing works best with a fresh, up to date mailing list. Ideally email marketing will be targeted ensuring that you send your customers information that they are interested in. This will keep your name in front of customers and generate a constant flow of enquiries and sales leads.
With this product, you will be working with an email marketing expert who will manage your email marketing on a one off or regular basis.

An Adviser will:-

  • Agree the focus and objectives of the email marketing campaign.
  • Write and design the email (photos may be required).
  • Send the email to the target market.
  • Summarise the results obtained.
  • Update the database as required.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Completed email marketing on a one off or regular basis.
  • An up to date mailing list.
  • Increase in enquiries and sales.
  • Improved brand awareness amongst customers and potential customers.

Upon completion, additional optional coaching sessions by skype, telephone or face to face are available. If this product does not quite meet your needs, please enquire about our Bespoke service. Tel. 01373 800888.

This product will be delivered by..

An 'Experienced in the field' Marketeer


A 'Smart Graduate'

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