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As information overload increases,  your home page needs to instantly communicate the benefits of your offering.  The copy and images on your home page  need to grab attention, stir interest, stimulate desire and persuade people to find out more. This product – ‘A Home Page Rewrite to Drive Sales’  will do just that.  The product is provided by an experienced copywriter.  A copywriter is an expert in using the power of words to create and engage with your reader.   Trying to do this yourself may be costing you sales  – you are not only too close to the business but probably do not have  the professional writing skills required.   It is hard to imagine a better investment – just one new customer will recoup your costs!  This product can stand alone or you may want to consider it as part of a  Business Brand Makeover 

Maximise the Return on your Marketing Investment

When visitors find your home page, do they find what they expect?   Do visitors  explore your website or leave before you have had the chance to show them what you can offer?   Do you ever wonder if your home page is really getting your message across?   Research suggests that you have about seven seconds for your home page to hook your reader.  This is less than the  9 second attention of a goldfish. The ‘Home Page Rewrite’,  will be carried out  by an experienced copywriter who can write words which sell.  The copywriter will ensure that your home page instantly  communicates your unique selling points and encourages users to engage with  other parts of your site.  When you purchase a Home Page Rewrite, you are making sure that you are maximising the return on the  money spent on getting visitors to your website

Your home page is the shop window for your business. Show it in its best light with a sparkling update and professionally written copy.  See your visitor engagement improve and sales soar.

See full details below. The price quoted assumes that there are 500-700 words of text on your home page.


A ‘Home Page Rewrite’ will bring your text to life and engage your audience.  You will have your very own professional copywriter assigned to you for the project.   This is what the copywriter will do:-

A professional copywriter will work with you  as follows:-

  • Conduct a telephone interview to help you define and refine your brand story & unique selling point.
  • Review your target audience and your competitive positioning in your marketplace
  • Help you decide on what messages will prove most engaging
  • Provide a choice of attention-grabbing headlines so that visitors can immediately see what you are offering
  • Create compelling benefit-led SEO-friendly text that converts visitors into buyers
  • Give you a brand story structure that will help you organise the rest of your website

Anticipated Outcomes of the Home Page Rewrite

  • Home page text that instantly hooks readers in and makes them keen to discover more
  • A brand story that’s brief, but which sells the benefits – visitors can immediately “see what’s in it for them”.
  • Reduced bounce rates and improved click-through rates to other areas of your website
  • A great shop window for your business that fills everyone, from your staff and partners to your customers, with confidence
  • Create a home page that you are proud to show off

This product will be delivered by a professional, experienced copywriter.

A Wise Head

A person with substantial, relevant experience and expertise in this field.










In addition to rewriting the home page, SkillsforSale can edit and update other pages of text and adversiting copy.  Perhaps you would like help with brochures or assistance with  social media or blog writing.  Please call Cherry on 07562 191 263 to discuss your requirements.









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