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Are you constantly being hounded by suppliers for payment? Do you keep promising payment to suppliers and then find yourself unable to do so? Operating like this can be extremely stressful, and if it continues, can lead to poor relations with suppliers and difficulties in obtaining credit and materials.

This product will help to identify the underlying reasons for the cash flow problem and help you deal with it in the short and long term. An experienced Adviser will take on the immediate management of your debtors and work with you to address the underlying causes to the problem. The product can be arranged on a one off or regular basis. Discounts are available for regular work.

An experienced Debt Controller will:-

  • Telephone all outstanding debtors and negotiate (as far as possible) time to pay or revised terms.
  • Review your existing financial information and identify the reasons for cash flow problems.
  • Make recommendations about changes to business pricing , purchasing or cost control to improve cash flow.
  • Deal with ongoing calls chasing money ( if ongoing work is selected)

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Improved cashflow.
  • Reduction in ‘chasing payment’ calls from suppliers.
  • Improved payment terms and arrangements with suppliers.
  • Feeling less stresssed and more in control of finances.

Upon completion, additional optional coaching sessions by skype, telephone or face to face are available. If this product does not quite meet your needs, please enquire about our Bespoke service. Tel. 01373 800888.

This product will be delivered by..

An 'Experienced in the field' Debt Controller

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£22 per hour


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