Generate Leads and Source New Customers

Professional Sales Input when you need it

Ongoing lead generation and a constant flow of new enquiries is essential to keep sales flowing.   A healthy sales funnel is at the heart of business development.  If you cannot afford to or do not want to recruit permanent sales staff, this product is a great way of getting professional sales development into your business.   SkillsforSale consultants will represent your business and work with you to keep sales flowing.   You can use this product to boost your sales activities to help generate new leads and customers.

Gentle Telesales that gets results

Sales come either directly from existing customers, recommendations from existing customers or new customers. Inevitably, existing customers can lapse and potential customers can be overlooked, particularly if you are busy. If you want to accelerate your sales growth or would like to promote a particular product or event, this product will give you the practical help to do just that. Using gentle, consultative telesales techniques, sales consultants will make courtesy calls to existing customers, calls to customers that you may not have heard of for a while and calls to potential customers. The overall aim is to generate goodwill, generate enquiries and build a data base of potential leads that can be used in ongoing marketing and as potential sales leads.   A full report and details of new leads and enquiries will be provided for you in a format of your choice.

The product can be purchased as a stand alone product or combined with ‘Cleansing a Data base’ to keep your customer database thoroughly up to date.  The price quoted is for an hourly rate.   Please use the following guidelines to assist with planning your budget:

Calling existing or lapsed customers to reconnect and/or generate new sales  –  £125  per 100 customers.   (20 customers per hour)

Calling cold to potential customers to qualify them as hot leads, warm leads or no leads   –  £250 per 100 customers. (10 customers per hour)

If you need any help, please call Cherry on 07562 191 263.



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Generate Leads and Source New Customers

You can allocate a budget to generate leads from different types of customers and potential customers. In addition to contacting your customer database, SkillsforSale can help with purchasing marketing data,  cold calling and qualifying sales prospects.  The overall aim is to work with you to enhance your existing sales activities.

A Sales Consultant or Team of Sales Consultants will:-

  • Identify a call list from existing and lapsed customers or from new data and construct a potential lead generation list.
  • Confirm the objectives of the telesales campaign and any promotional offers that you would like to use.
  • Make  the telesales calls (up to three calls per contact).
  • Update the customer database and supply you with information about the people contacted.
  • Provide a summary report of new leads and enquiries.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • New leads that you can follow up and use in future sales and marketing activities.
  • A sales pipeline consisting of hot leads, warm leads and cold fish leads.
  • Increased level of enquiries and sales (over time).
  • An up to date customer database.
  • Enhanced goodwill and brand awareness.

You can buy this product on a one off basis to boost a lead generation campaign or you  can purchase it on a regular basis. If the proposed product does not quite meet your needs, SkillsforSale  can tailor it to suit your requirements. Please call Cherry on 07562 191263.

This product will be delivered by:

An ‘Experienced in the field’ Sales Consultant


A ‘Smart Graduate

Professional Sales Input when you need it


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Guide price per hour

£25 per hour


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