Reduce errors, inefficiencies and waste.

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Reduce errors, inefficiencies and waste
Lean Manufacturing has been a popular method for improving efficiency in manufacturing businesses. The principles of Lean Manufacturing can be applied to service and administration businesses and have equally good results.
This product is based upon the principles of Lean Manufacturing and applies these to service and non-manufacturing business. An experienced Adviser looks at the unplanned events and inefficient processes, errors and problems in your business that are costing time and money. The Adviser will work with you to identify if there are underlying causes, which could/should be addressed.
The product is applicable to all kinds of businesses including service and construction businesses.

A Business Impovement Specialist will work with you to:-

  • Apply the principles of Lean Manufacturing to your business processes.
  • Carry out a Lean Analysis survey with staff to identify the ways in which time is lost in your business and how this could be addressed.
  • Evaluate and summarise the data in a report.
  • Make recommendations about how to improve efficiency and productivity.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • An improved understanding of how much time is lost to events such as errors, skill gaps, information gaps, slow processes, failures and more.
  • A prioritised plan for addressing inefficiency in the business.
  • A leaner, more efficient and profitable business.

Upon completion, additional optional coaching sessions by skype, telephone or face to face are available. If this product does not quite meet your needs, please enquire about our Bespoke service. Tel. 01373 800888.

This product will be delivered by..

A 'Wise Head' Business Improvement Specialist

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