Frequently Asked Questions (for Customers)

Within 10 minutes of placing your order you will receive confirmation by email that your order has been safely received. If you do not receive this confirmation please send an email to or call 07562 191 263.

A representative from SkillsforSale will contact you within 24 hours. The Representative will discuss your order and confirm your brief, including project outcomes and time scales for completion. This confirmation brief will be emailed to you together with any additional requests for information or forms for you to complete. You will be asked to sign and return the Confirmation brief. This will form the basis of the contract (hyperlink to Sample Contract) between you and SkillsforSale.

Upon receipt of your confirmed brief, your Representative will assign an Adviser to your work. Depending upon the project and the level of skill or experience required, your project will be handled by a Wise Head, Smart Graduate, or Experience d in the field Adviser. (Hyperlink each of these to About Us Page)

Your adviser will make contact with you directly by telephone or email within 3 days and commence working with you on your project.

The project brief will include interim dates for review with your SkillsforSale representative to check that everything is progressing satisfactorily

Upon completion and receipt of final payment your full report and/or project outcomes will be released.

Your project will be managed by your SkillsforSale representative. The representative’s role is to:

  • Confirm the project brief with you, including objectives and target time scales.
  • Allocate an appropriately qualified and experienced adviser to work with you.
  • Liaise with you in respect of any information required from you to complete the work.
  • Keep in touch with you to monitor progress.
  • Deal with any issues that arise in the course of the project.
  • Send out invoices and paperwork and liaise with you with regards to payment.
  • Support and manage the project to satisfactory completion.

Your adviser will carry out the work as defined in your project brief. The Adviser’s role is to:

  • Achieve the objectives in the project brief.
  • Identify any information required from you to complete the work.
  • Maintain contact with you throughout the project.
  • Prepare reports, data and project outcomes as specified in the brief.
  • Be available for booked telephone calls and skype meetings.

The expected duration of the project is given in the Product details.

Your target time scale will be agreed with you during your project brief and every effort will be made to stick to this target.  Sometimes, due to the nature of the work, it can take longer than planned.  If for any reason you are unhappy about the speed at which your project is progressing, please raise this concern with your SkillsforSale representative.

A deposit is required when you place your order.   This is usually 20%.   Alternatively, you may elect to pay for the product in full, in which case a prepayment discount of 5% is offered.

Your project brief may require interim payments linked to target milestones and these will be agreed with you at the outset by your SkillforSale representative.

Payment in full is required upon completion of the project and is payable before any final data or report is released.

If SkillsforSale are carrying out work for you on an ongoing or bespoke basis, monthly payment terms will be agreed as part of the initial Project Brief.

If you cancel before your project brief has been agreed and confirmed, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Under Distance Selling Regulations, you have a fourteen day cooling off period from the date of your purchase in which to cancel your order.   If you cancel within this period your deposit will be refunded in full unless work has already begun on your project, in which case your refund will be for the amount of your deposit less the cost of work carried out on your behalf.

If you cancel a project after 14 days, SkillsforSale will refund any monies due to you after taking into account an administration fee and the costs of any product or service so far supplied.   Your notice of cancellation must be received in writing with the reasons for cancellation.   You will be required to pay for work that has been carried out on your behalf up to and including the date upon which your notice of cancellation is received.

You may suspend or delay completion of work at any time, provided that all monies due are paid up to date.

You may be asked to supply information required to complete your work by.   All information is kept strictly confidential to your SkillsforSale representative and your Adviser and will not be communicated to any other third party.  If you supply original data, this will be copied and returned to you within 7 days.

Upon completion of your project the supporting information will be transferred to removable storage media and kept in secure storage.   It will be kept for a period of five years after which it will be destroyed.

Yes.  Once the brief has been agreed, you will be contacted by your Adviser.   You may communicate directly with your Adviser by email, telephone or by skype.   Please bear in mind that Advisers may be working on other projects so the best point of contact for an immediate response to a query or concern is your Skills for Sale representative.

Usually, it is possible for projects to be delivered remotely.  If you particularly need your Adviser to come to site, please let your SkillsforSale representative know at an early stage so that she can allocate an Adviser to you within reasonable travelling distance of your location.

If you require an on-site visit, this can be arranged.  As a general guide on site visits by advisers are charged at £150 for a half day and £250 for a full day in addition to the cost of the products that you are purchasing.  This assumes a travel to site distance of less than 100 miles.

The products are designed with flexibility in mind and it is possible to mix and match products or part of products to suit your requirements.

SkillsforSale also offer a bespoke Consultancy service, which can be tailored precisely to your requirements.  If you think this is of interest, please email the Director .

SkillsforSale are committed to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your products and services.  If something is not going according to plan or you have any concerns about the way the project is going, please let your SkillsforSale representative know as soon as possible.

Depending upon the nature of your complaint, it may be possible to assign a different adviser to continue the project or to update or change the brief.

Where it is not possible to agree upon a satisfactory way forward to complete the project, the project may be cancelled by mutual agreement.   Any monies due to SkillforSale will be payable upon cancellation.  Requests for cancellation in these circumstances will be dealt with by the Director.


Do you have a Question, which is not listed here?  Please email

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