Frequently Asked Questions (for Advisers)

Successful applicants have skills and abilities that enable them to deliver the products offered on to a high and consistent standard. To be successful, you will either need good quality experience in the field or an academic qualification which is indicative of generic skills such as research, analysis and report writing. SkillsforSale Advisers frequently work remotely although sometimes on site work is required. If you would like to discuss whether your experience is relevant before making an application, please telephone 07562 191 263.

You will receive an email within 24 hours acknowledging receipt of your application. If you do not receive this email, please contact
Your application will be considered and a member of the SkillsforSale team will contact you within 3 days to request any further information or clarification. If your application is successful we will arrange for a telephone conversation or skype conversation to discuss which products and services you are interested in providing and your relevant experience in these areas, as well as your availability for work and other preferences.

You will then be registered onto the Adviser database and when work becomes available which is suitable for you, we will contact you.

If your application is not successful, we will email you within 5 days of receipt.

Yes. If you would like feedback on why your application has not been successful, please call 01985 98826 and a member of the team will be happy to discuss your application with you.

  • SkillsforSale are unable to guarantee how much work you will get. This will depend in part upon the popularity of the products for which you are registered, your availability, and on feedback from previous assignments. Successful advisers tend to have the following characteristics:-
  • They are competent in the skills required to achieve the project objectives.
  • They deliver on time.
  • They keep telephone appointments and skype interviews and do what they say they are going to do.
  • They keep the SkillsforSale representative informed of progress.
  • They seek early supervision or support if they are having difficulty with a project or a client.
  • They are rated as good or excellent by the client.

Supervision and support are built into the way in which the project is delivered and at SkillsforSale, we are great believers in a team effort. Every project has an Adviser and a SkillsforSale representative allocated to it, with additional support being available if required. The representative’s role is to provide administrative support and ensure that the project is progressing satisfactorily and completes on time. S/he will be your main point of contact at SkillsforSale . When you take on a project you will be given a range of documentation to assist with its completion together with a format for the required piece of work. Your representative will contact you to discuss the brief with you and confirm that you are clear about what needs to be done and how to do it. If you need additional support during the project phase, please contact your SkillforSale representative who will arrange for any support or assistance to complete the work.

You will be required to comply with Company policies on Privacy and Confidentiality, Ethical Conduct and Customer Service.

You will get paid monthly by direct transfer into your bank. You will be paid on the last working day (Monday to Friday) of each month. Payment is made for the number of hours worked on your project at a basic hourly rate and a completion bonus is payable upon completion after the project has been signed off by the customer. You will be required to record the number of hours worked on the project on a weekly basis and this will form the basis of your pay.

You will be classified as a ‘Worker’ employed under a Temporary Agency Worker’s Contract. Each contract is deemed to last for the duration of that project. For the purposes of pay, unless you specify that you are self-employed and in business in your own right, you will be included on the monthly payroll and SkillsforSale will deduct National Insurance and Tax from you, based upon your monthly earnings.

You will be entitled to holiday pay. This will accrue on a month by month basis, based upon a pro rata rate of 28 days for full time equivalent of hours worked. It will be paid on a monthly basis.

You will be entitled to automatic pension enrolment if you earn more than £833 per month and are aged between 22 years and state pension age, subject to the staging date for SkillsforSale having passed.

Your SkillsforSale representative is there to support you in the completion of the project. If you are having difficulties in completing the work due to unforeseen circumstances such as sickness, family problem or similar, please let the representative know at the earliest opportunity. If the project is progressing well and the client is agreeable to extending the completion date, it may be possible to put the project on hold. If the client is not happy to extend the completion date, the project will be assigned to another Adviser for completion. You will be asked to hand over all the work that you have completed to date and will be paid for the hours that you have worked on that project.

If you are having difficulties in completing the work for any other reason, please let your Representative know as soon as possible, as s/he may be able to arrange for additional support/mentoring or assignation to an alternative adviser as required.

If you wish to terminate your involvement in the project, you can do this with written notice. You will be required to return all the works carried out to date and assuming that the work is satisfactory, you will be paid for the work that you have carried out to date on that project.

You will get every support during the project to ensure that your workis of a sufficiently high standard and your work will be checked by SkillsforSale prior to submission to a client. Once work is submitted by SkillsforSale, the client will be invited to give feedback on the work. This will focus on:-

  • Achievement against objectives
  • Timeliness of delivery
  • Communication with client
  • Communication with SkillsforSale representative
  • Overall satisfaction.

If any full or permanent positions are available, these will be advertisedand circulated to all advisers.

Yes. SkillsforSale is committed to personal and professional development. You are invited to challenge yourself to take on projects that may be out of your current scope of experience and training/support will be given if you take on such a project. It is an important part of the SkillsforSale brand that the experience you gain through working for SkillforSale may assist you in applying for full time work in your chosen field.

Yes. A reference will be supplied by the Director based upon the assignments that you have carried out, subject to maintaining the confidentiality of the client.

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