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Cherry Iley MA(HRM)

Director: Cherry Iley

Skills For Sale

SkillsforSale is about bringing business tasks and people with business expertise together. SkillsforSale is based in Wiltshire and has a team based approach to delivering projects. Each project is personally managed by a SkillsforSale representative and is allocated a suitably qualified  and experienced  Adviser. Projects can be delivered remotely or face to face, as required.

Overall Aim

To support businesses by supplying the business skills and business consultancy  that they need, when they need them,  on a one off or ongoing basis.  All SkillsforSale products can be adapted to suit the objectives of the client.


SkillsforSale is headed up by Cherry Iley

Cherry has set up and built up successful companies including an HR consultancy and a manufacturing company   She has worked as Sales Director in engineering and fabrication and has also ran a business transfer agency, assisting companies with selling their business.  Cherry has extensive experience working  with businesses of all sizes in the public, private and voluntary sector and is innovative in her approach. She was formerly an Investors in People adviser and has personally designed and delivered many training and development projects linked to achieving business objectives and improvements. Her particular interests are in Sales, Marketing, Business Planning, People management and in preparing businesses for sale.

Cherry is available for bespoke consultancy and delivers some products on the SkillsforSale portfolio. Cherry also provides support to advisers and gives direction and leadership to the development of SkillsforSale.


SkillsforSale Representatives.

Skills for Sale representatives provide administrative support to the business adviser(s)  and project manage work through to completion.  The representative is the first port of call for all administrative matters and will keep in touch throughout the business consultancy project to check that everything is progressing satisfactorily.


SkillsforSale Advisers

Advisers are selected for their abilities and relevant experience. Advisers work on projects that fit their expertise and academic and personal abilities. Advisers may be graduates, with particular skills in research or analysis, or people with practical business experience. Consultancy products are delivered by ‘Wise Heads’ who have extensive experience and knowledge in the field. Look out for the icons in the product description.  The icons indicate whether the adviser will be a graduate, experienced in the field or a wise head.  This means that you do not pay consultancy rates for a business task that can be delivered equally well by a graduate.

Smart Graduate

Experienced in the field

Wise Head

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